United states colored troops

This database is an ongoing project to compile sources and information about the United States Colored Troops, including their slaveholders, family members, friends, neighbors and associates. This database is intended to be a snapshot of sources and information that can lead you to further research. Discrepancies in dates and places are common in Civil War records so please refer to all the sources listed and evaluate them accordingly. This database can be useful not just for researching USCT members but anyone living in the Civil War era, regardless of military service or race. Both white and black individuals provided affidavits for soldiers and their widows, and their names are searchable. For those researching slaveholders, the USCT military records can glean information regarding a slaveholder’s political leanings and relationship with the enslaved soldier. Finding the names of slaveholders and family members as well as soldiers’ aliases could help you break brick walls and clarify name changes that occurred post Civil War.

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If you find an error, edit the entry directly and contact us with the entry number so the edits are not lost during periodic updates. If you are in possession of documents such as a pension file for an USCT member and wish to contribute, please contact us.